Yacu Takahata

Ambassador of JP Australia
Certified river guide in RAJ (Rafting Association)
Certified SUP instructor in ACA
(American Canoe Association)
Holds Rescue3 International
Director of Japan River SUP Association


I will plan and operate the races in rivers and seek new potentials of SUP with SUPU. And I hope that with the establishment of SUPU, it will bring with it the world recognition of SUP in Japan.


Born in Miyazaki and moved to Seattle when he was 12. He had a bicycle accident during the training when he was in university but recovered miraculously. After that he has participated in the adventure race · Eco-Challenge, which is said to be the one of the toughest race in the world. He is the first Japanese ever to complete the race and recognized that the wish will come true if you don’t give up. He won the Rafting World Champion ship in 2009. He has been the C4 Waterman Ambassador since 2012. He is aiming to be the best SUP paddler in the river and aiming to have the most beautiful SUP style as a Japanese.


  • Won the 15th place in Eco-Challenge Argentina in 1999.


  • Won the 14th place in Raid Gauloises Himalaya.
    Eco-Won the 13th place in Eco-Challenge Borneo.


  • Won the 3rd place in Salomon X-adventure Japan Stage.
    Won the 11th place in Eco-Challenge New Zealand.


  • Participated as clean crew in Everest.


  • Representative of Japan in Rafting, and won the 2nd place in the World Championship.


  • Acting the crew of Molokai Hoe Japanese Team.


  • Won the 2nd place in Teva Mountain Games RAFT Cross.


  • Won the 4th place in Gopro Mountain Games SUP Sprint.


  • Won the 3rd place in Gopro Mountain Games SUP Sprint and SUP Cross.
    Won the 20th place in Payette River Games.


  • Won the 8th place in Payette River Games.